About Eazy Freight

Cost effective logistics solutions – covering the UK and Europe

Who is Eazy Freight Ltd?

A bit of background

Eazy Freight was started in February 2019 by Paul McFarlane with the help of his family, who, like Paul, his family also has a strong logistics background.

Paul had worked in logistics for several years as a highly successful sales executive and was head hunted on more than one occasion to assist with building up depots and was pivotal in helping one particular same day broker to establish a presence in Glasgow and Central Scotland.

The rest of the Eazy Freight team has had similar success in varied logistics roles from operations and planning to drivers, so as a company, we run by people who have done the job and are passionate about the job they do!

Why should I trust Eazy Freight with my goods?

Nationwide Coverage

Eazy Freight has a fleet of drivers all over the UK. With access to every type of vehicle that you could possibly need.

Along with the drivers we also have relationships in place with some of the top Hauliers and Pallet Networks, giving confidence that whatever your requirement and wherever in the UK it is coming from or going to, Eazy Freight has you covered.

EU Road Freight

Eazy Freight can also offer long-distance services. Whether your loads are going into Europe or you need goods collected, Let Eazy Freight help with this.

Whether your requirement is for a full load, part load or even only a single pallet, Eazy Freight will transport your goods at a very competitive cost.

Cost-effective solutions

Eazy Freight has built a model that helps to keep overheads to a minimum.

Keeping our overheads low naturally allows us to keep our costs a low as we can.

As mentioned above, all the team has a logistics background. This gives us the experience and knowledge we need to figure out what solution is best for both keeping the cost low whilst offering the best service and it also helps greatly with buying power as we have key connections within some of the top transport companies in the UK.

Of course, we are a business and in this to make money

Like all businesses, we need to make money in order to keep operating.

While some companies do this by working to higher margins and operating a tiered pricing structure, Eazy Freight instead try to work to fair margins for all customers and focus on volume. The more work we get, the more profit we make, which, in turn, helps us to offer even lower prices.

Built on key elements


We do everything we can to promote trust from in our service, to let our customers see that we do everything we can to ensure that they are getting the service they need at a suitable price.

A service, tailored to our customers needs

We don’t want our customers feeling like then need to fit a square key into a round hole! We appreciate that customers have different needs, even those in the same industry. We take our customers needs on board and work to create the perfect solution.

Cost effective Service

Despite tailoring the service for the customer, We also want to make it as affordable and cost effective as possible.

In fact, we have a track record of offering our service at rates cheaper than other commercial companies!

Customer Service

At Eazy Freight, we’re committed to delivering outstanding customer service, and that begins with being approachable, attentive and responsive to our customers’ needs.
If you have any issues or concerns, we’ll do everything we can to resolve them quickly and efficiently, so you can have a seamless and stress-free experience.