Needing a More Specialist Solution?

Eazy Freight can cover any of your transport needs at short notice

Eazy Freight’s Specialist Services

Sometimes companies need more than what is readily available!

Parcel and pallet delivery companies offer an excellent and convenient service, but sometimes it can feel a bit like you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Eazy Freight is there for you

Eazy Freight has access to over 4,000 vehicles across the UK. From your standard Vans, Rigids, articulated Lorries to your more specialist vehicles such as Hi-Abs, Low Loaders, Car Transporters and more.

Don’t waste valuable time calling around every logistics company you find! Speak to Eazy Freight and we will sort the load out for you in the minimal time possible.

Loading/Unloading issues?

At Eazy Freight, we deal with this all the time. Tell us what your issues are, and we will work around them. We can offer a Hi-ab to lift the goods on and off for you. Or, if required, we can provide a sliding roof to allow for crane loading.

Whatever your loading or unloading issues, we will have the solution.

ADR / Hazardous

Hazardous Deliveries

When sending hazardous goods, there are a few things you must remember to do:

  • Are the goods that you’re sending in this shipment Fully Regulated? Do they qualify to be treated as Limited or Excepted Quantities?

  • Are the goods appropriately packaged?

  • Is adequate labeling fully visible on all sides?

  • Does your label include, as a minimum – Sticker (as in picture above), UN Number, Packing Group?

  • Do you have an accompanying Dangerousdangerous Goods note?

  • Is there any other information that is relevant to the consignment and should be added to label / consignment note?

Along with the above, it is important that you use an ADR certified driver to transport the goods. This is where Eazy Freight comes in.

We will provide you with an ADR certified driver who has experience in dealing with shipments similar to your own.

In case you’d like to know a bit more about certain vehicles types

Moffett Mounty

A moffett mounted forklift truck. This is a forklift truck which has been designed to fit onto the back of an HGV trailer. This allows the driver to load and unload when there are no loading equipment on site.


Similar to the above in that a Hi-Ab allows the driver to load and unload the vehicle when there is no loading equipment on site.

A Hi-Ab is a crane like lifting device which is generally attached to Flatbeds. Very popular in construction for loading/unloading bricks and other materials. Hi-Abs can be great for lifting heavy awkward loads

Chilled / Frozen

Most vehicles are ambient. Chilled and Frozen vehicles allow us to transport materials which require that they are kept at a specific temperature.

These types of vehicles are excellent for transporting Food Stuffs and Pharmaceuticals

We also have access to vehicles which can be partitioned – meaning part of the vehicle can be chilled whilst the rest is ambient.

Vehicle Transporters

Vehicle transporters come in different sizes and essentially your decision will come down to the number of vehicles which need moving. Eazy Freight can provide transporters capable of carrying a single car or multiple cars. You can also choose between an open or close sided trailer. 

Low Loaders

Low loaders are the perfect option for transporting heavy goods such as plant machinery. The trailer can lower close to the ground with ramps built to make loading easier and can allow for the plant to be driven on. Low loaders are also capable of supporting greater weights than regular trailers


Also known as Skeletal Trailers are light-weight trailers usually used for transporting containers, Portable Cabins as well as other abnormal loads.

Another popular use for skellies is timber transport, making use of side arms to support the timber load.

Walking Floors

Walking or moving floor traliers are predominantly used for the transport of waste.

They have a hydraulically driven moving-floor conveyance system for moving bulk material or palletised product, which can be used in a warehouse, loading dock or semi-trailer. It automates and facilitates loading and unloading of palletised goods by eliminating the need for a forklift to enter the trailer

Sliding Roofs

Perfect for loading and/or unloading via a crane. The top of the roof slides back to open

Crane Mounted

For situations which require extensive lifting capacity as part of the delivery service, a crane may be required. Taking into account the weight if your goods, along with the loading and unloading requirements, we will advise you as to whether a front or rear-mounted rigid crane is more suited.   

Not Sure what vehicle you need?

That’s fine! Tell us what you are planning to send and what obstacles you feel may be present and we will put the suitable plans in place for you.

Other Specialist services

Time Critical

Next day, Time Critical

For when next day just isnt fast enough!


Large Consignments & Pallets

Abnormal loads, haulage, pallet network deliveries – Eazy Freight has you covered!

Time critical

Same Day

Eazy freight are experienced in collecting at short notice and delivering same day