Eazy Freight cover all Industry Sectors

A snapshot of the industries entrusting Eazy Freight with their transport needs

Engineering / Fabrication / Manufacturing

Engineering Fabrication

Engineering Companies often face a number of issues with their distribution.

One main problem is that Engineered/Fabricated products are, generally, not made to fit nicely onto a standard pallet and can often be oversized on both sides which can cause no end of transport issues.

Also, once production has finished, the goods, often, need to be shipped to the site straight away.

Eazy Freight deals with several Engineering companies. No two are the same and each has its own transport issues. We work with them to find the best and most cost-effective solution.

Tight timescales can be difficult for manufacturing companies as they have the potential to be fined large sums should they not get the finished product to their customer in time.
Another reason why it is vital to work with a logistics partner that you can trust.

Eazy Freight has a wealth of experience in working with engineering/manufacturing companies. We have a proven and reliable track record of helping our clients meet their tight deadlines along with any other issues related to their work.

  • Dedicated Same day Deliveries

  • Time Critical / Booked in Deliveries

  • Tailored Solutions

  • Reliable and Cost Effective



Construction companies work to budgeted time frames. If something happens, to mess up this time frame, it can quickly knock everything else off track and thus become very costly.

Easy Freight helps to minimise such disruptions. We can be contacted with a moment’s notice and we will send the relevant vehicle on its way to make the collection and deliver direct to site, thus helping the construction site to keep on track and maintain a fluent operation.

Construction Site Compliance

Often, there can be other obstacles present on building sites. These obstacles can restrict the size of the vehicle which may be allowed on-site and/or restrict delivery times to certain windows.

Eazy Freight is prepared for all of this. With access to any vehicle from a small van up to Artic including specialist vehicles such as Hi-Abs, Flatbeds, etc. we can ensure that the goods will be delivered in a relevant vehicle, suitable for the site. We will time the delivery to suit your needs, tell us the book in slot and we ensure that the driver makes delivery during this slot.

Alongside this, at Eazy Freight we appreciate that Health and Safety is a big part of working, not only on Construction Sites but in every vocation. We ensure that all drivers have adequate PPE to ensure that they can carry out their work in a safe manner, keeping themselves and those around them safe.

Minimise Down Time

Construction sites are no different to other industries in that things can go wrong! Equipment can fail, materials can have issues/defects, wrong materials can be ordered…

In instances like this where it is paramount that this is remedied quickly, Eazy Freight can help. We ensure to have the relevant vehicle ready and waiting to be loaded as soon as the materials are ready and they will be delivered directly to site. Efficient service guaranteed to help keep things moving!

  • Relevant PPE for Drivers

  • Work to book in slots

  • Specialist vehicles

  • Available at short notice

Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management & Recycling

Transporting Waste and Recyclable materials are treated slightly differently to the transportation of other goods.

First, a Waste Carriers License is required. This is to help ensure that waste is correctly disposed of and to deter “fly-tipping”.

Alongside the Waste Carriers license, there may also be the requirement for ADR certification to show that the driver can transport Hazardous / Dangerous goods.

And, furthermore, there are different vehicles which may be required, such as walking floors…

Eazy Freight has experience in dealing with the waste and recycling industry and is equipped to help with any of your waste transport requirements.

  • Waste Carriers Licence

  • ADR Certified Drivers

  • Specialist Vehicles

  • UK Coverage

Distribution Centres

Distribution Centre

Distribution centres use Eazy Freight for different reasons.
We can provide artics to deliver full loads to customers as well as offering a Groupage service for multi-drop delivery requirements.
We have had occasions where suppliers have been let down by their current supplier and missed a collection. In this situation, Eazy Freight has been on hand to get a vehicle on site urgently and deliver direct to their customer.

  • Affordable pallet rates

  • Chilled / Frozen / Ambient

  • Hanging Garments

  • Flexible book in slots


Aircraft on Ground

There is a term used in Aviation, that term is AOG – Aircraft on Ground. This is a term that Aviation companies hate as every minute an airplane remains on the ground costs the airline money and can cause some very expensive fines to be imposed, the longer the airplane is on the ground, the higher the expenses and the steeper the potential fines.

Eazy Freight can help to minimise these costs. Regardless of the issue, our same day “Emergency Logistics” network can ensure that the Airline receives what it requires in minimal time to get the Airplane back on course.

Eazy Freight has access to over 4,000 vehicles at any one time, all across the UK. Whatever the Airline needs, Eazy Freight will have a suitable vehicle on hand to assist.

  • Affordable pallet rates

  • Time Critical

  • Dedicated Delivery

  • Cost Effective

Printing & Packaging

Marketing, Printing and Packaging companies, whilst 2 Printers may be looked on as similar businesses, their clientele may be totally different and from different industries. As a result, the requirements of each printer will be different.
Working to different time scales, volumes, etc.

Eazy Freight understands that no 2 businesses are the same, however similar the industry.

Eazy Freight work with Printers, Sign makers, Packaging companies and help each of the companies under these industry types in different ways.

Provided you meet your deadline, we can ensure that your delivery arrives with your client in plenty of time!

As well as deliveries, we understand there can also be mishaps on-site. If something goes wrong and you need a collection from a supplier. Again, we are on hand, Wherever in the country, your supplier may be, we can have a vehicle waiting to be loaded within an hour to get the goods back to you ASAP to allow you to continue with production.

  • Affordable pallet rates

  • Same day delivery

  • 1-hour window

  • UK Coverage